Clean brand, Taviea

BCL, home of Saborino, Momo Puri, Cleansing Research and more, released a new clean brand named Taviea.
So far they only have 3 items, each has 2 types which are Elder Flower and Orange Flower.

This brand uses deep seawater pumped off from the Noto Peninsula.
"Noto Deep Ocean Water" maintains its unique water quality with a high amount of dissolved oxygen.
This mineral-rich water is used in all products.
It is scented with "clean circulate fragrance" that uses biodegradable raw materials.
Cruelty-free: They have not done any animal testing when developing the product.
7 free support: Paraben, Mineral oil, Petroleum-based surfactant, Synthetic pigment, Alcohol, Animal-derived ingredients, Silicon
Environmentally friendly FSC certified paper is used for the packaging.

Also, Momo Puri and Melano CC recently released supplements!
You can all get them in our store.

Enjoy shopping!
-Kirei Station Manager