Pmeltête Nuance Creamy Liner

Pmeltête Nuance Creamy Liner

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Item description

Pmeltête Nuance Creamy Liner

This creamy liquid eyeliner gives your eyes a soft and gentle feel.

Unlike a liquid or pencil liner, the liner's creamy rich texture blends gently around your eyes without accentuating them too much.

This bordeaux color softly tightens your eyes to give an attractive look which has an urban feel while also providing your eyes with a subtle but clean finish.

[Outstanding usability! Easy to apply and easy to remove!]
●Its strong brush makes it difficult to smudge and is easy to apply
●Strong against sweat and oil. Easy removal with hot water! Smudge-proof and long lasting
●Cares for your eyes and eyelashes! Includes skincare ingredients... sodium hyaluronate / eriobotrya japonica leaf extract / panax ginseng root extract

<How to Use>
Apply to the edge of your eyelashes in a way that fills the spaces between your lashes.
●Upon first use, remove the cap and dip the brush in the bottle at least 20 times to apply liquid to the brush.
●Dip the brush 1 or 2 times before continued use.
●Use your hands to remove excess liquid when too much has been applied to the brush.