LASCHÉ X Combo Set

LASCHÉ X Combo Set

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Quantity: 15pcs each

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There is a close relationship between the metabolic rate functionality and the body so that the intestine and the body become healthy and remains at optimum condition. The first important secret is “Qing”-cleanse, which is also the origin of the name FIRST BASE. When there are unsecreted toxins in the body, the nutrients cannot be absorbed no matter what nutritious food you consumed, as such, it is such a waste and it becomes inefficient,


: Detox

Enhance intestinal function, promote bowel movements, improve constipation, improve digestive system, eliminate toxins from the body


Reduce fat absorption, weight management, strengthen the body's immune system, maintain a healthy and optimum body figure


Improve skin quality, prevent aging and whitening



The use of all natural bitter gourd peptides, the core ingredient unanimously recognized by international experts, is an exclusive formula, which is also a new breakthrough in medicine. It can effectively control blood sugar index and help reduce fat. It helps to regulate the body, enhance metabolic rate, and prevention of disease.

Function: Regulate blood sugar level, reduce fat, increase muscle, prevent hyperglycemia, prevent obesity, prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, prevent inflammation, enhance physical fitness, lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, prevent fatty liver, and promote metabolism


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