Pmel Perfect Tear Magic

Pmel Perfect Tear Magic

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Item description

Pmel Perfect Tear Magic

Easy 2 in 1 product!
Use this single eye shadow to highlight the eye bags and to get pure, pretty, loveable eyes.

“Shadowing Powder” and “Glittering Liner” both in one product!
Get natural-looking plump eye bags easily with this single product!

The cream-type glittering eye liner avoids powder scattering and its waterproof property makes sure it stays on firmly till the end of the day!

If you get an authentic-looking shadow using the shadowing powder, you can have naturally plump eyes by subtly highlighting the eye bags!

This eye shadow is available in a stunning Beige color that gives a smart finish to your eyes.

<How to Use>
STEP 1: Glittering eye liner for plump eye bags!
Trace the shape of the eye bag by applying the liner roughly 3 to 5 mm below the eyes to emphasize the plump. To make it look more natural, brush gently and smudge slightly with your finger.

*The stick may break if pulled out too much. Make sure to not pull out more than 2 mm of the stick.

STEP 2: Make a shadow on the eye bag using shadowing powder!
Use the tip to follow the shape below the eye bag that you made earlier using the glittering liner.