Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes Renewal

Canmake Silky Souffle Eyes Renewal

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Item description

Silky Souffle Eyes

Dewy and long-lasting, with a rich texture ♡
An eyeshadow with a translucent sheen that melts into your skin.

Translucent sheen that seems to melt into your skin.
● Contains Glow Oil to enhance sheen, for a lustrous texture that seems to melt into your skin like silk!
● The high-color, clear finish enhances the translucent sheen.
● Lightweight texture does not feel heavy or caked-on even when applying additional layers, enabling you to create beautiful color gradations.
● Contains fine-textured pearl for a sophisticated finish.

Rich texture
● Soft, comfortable powder that feels like a soufflé.
● Dewy, high-cling powder ensures that the finish never looks powdery and stays firmly on your eyelids come what may! Creates a sophisticated finish free from powder scatter and glitter shed.
● Glides onto your skin with a rich, smooth texture.