Pmel Perfect Lush Base & Coat

Pmel Perfect Lush Base & Coat

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Item description

Pmel Perfect Lush Base & Coat

Locks in and keeps that just-curled look!
A mascara base and coat that keeps the cuteness lasting.

This product is a fast-drying type that gives you the just-finished look of using an eyelash curler and mascara.
It's waterproof, so it's tough against sweat and water. It keeps its upward-curling look for hours!

It comes in a clear color that doesn't look white at all, so you can use it as a base with a top coat or on its own.

●Covers each and every lash! Super soft and fine brush
●3 types of oil to nourish your eyelashes... Camellia japonica seed oil/Hydrolyzed keratin/squalane (moisturizing ingredients)

<How to Use>
Put some liquid on the brush and apply in an upward motion from the roots of your eyelashes. It looks best when you apply in just one smooth motion!
★Coat the brush with liquid well upon use.
★Use a cleansing eye makeup remover when taking off this product.


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