Pmel Perfect Long and Curl Mascara

Pmel Perfect Long and Curl Mascara

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Item description

Pmel Perfect Long and Curl Mascara

Make your eyes look adorable♡ A clean mascara for beautiful eyelashes
The clear black base liquid adjusts to your eyelashes while enhancing them naturally!
Mix brown and black fibers with a natural feel to add eyelash length!
Gently mark your eyelashes to create natural long eyelashes with an effortless airy feel.

●Brush type to catch and separate eyelashes, one by one
●Three kinds of beauty moisturizing ingredients that work on eyelashes: silk extract*1, pearl extract*2, hyaluronic acid*3

<How to Use>
Put some liquid on the brush and apply in an upward motion from the roots of your eyelashes.
★Move the brush left and right to have the liquid mingle with your eyelashes!


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