Wafood Made Uji Matcha Bath Product

Wafood Made Uji Matcha Bath Product

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Wafood Made Uji Matcha Bath Product

Refresh and clear your pores right out of the bath!
This is a bath powder with carefully-selected Uji matcha*1.
Includes "stone-milled*2 Uji matcha" from Kyoto Rikyuen, a tea shop with nearly 400 years of history.
Stone milling is a manufacturing method that doesn't destroy or diminish the ingredient's natural quality.
We've used plenty of this high-quality, stone-milled Uji matcha in this product.

Your bath will look like freshly-brewed matcha, working to cleanse your pores of oil and dirt to give you smoother and more refined skin.

●Helps smooth and beautify skin!
Moisturizing ingredients... Geranium robertianum extract・Licorice extract*3・Coix lacryma-jobi ma-yuen seed*4・Fermented soybean extract*5

<How to Use>
Empty the contents of 1 packet (20g) into your bathtub (180-200L of water), mix well, and enjoy your bath.

○The thickening ingredients in this bath product can make the floor and bathtub slippery. Take particular caution if you are preparing this for a small child, are pregnant, or are elderly.
○If spilled on the floor, the product will absorb water and become slippery, so we recommend cleaning it up right away.
○Do not use this to wash your face or hair.
○Do not use this in a 24-hour circulating bath, wooden cypress bath, or marble bath.
○Do not use the remaining bath water for laundry or watering plants.

* Camellia sinensis leaf powder (moisturizing ingredient) * Not all of the Uji matcha included is stone-milled *Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root extract * Saccharomyces/Coix lacryma-jobi ma-yuen seed ferment filtrate * Natto gum


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