& Honey Deep Moist Treatment Refill

& Honey Deep Moist Treatment Refill

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& Honey Deep Moist Treatment

Step care beauty that changes the finish and scent
By washing, wrapping, and giving gloss with moisturizing ingredients, you can achieve beautiful hair without letting the moisture out of the hair.
Shampoo is peony honey, treatment is lavender honey, hair oil is damask rose honey, and you can enjoy a richer scent by overlapping the scents of three different honeys.

The natural hair care brand "& honey" uses honey, royal jelly, propolis, and argan for more than 90% of its products in order to achieve a high water content of "14%," which exceeds the conventional wisdom (12%) of shampoos. Made with moisturizing and protective ingredients such as oil and hyaluronic acid.
In addition, we pursued natural care by using 100% Moroccan organic oil and sticking to 6 free formulas.
With shampoo, treatment, hair oil, and three-step care with different finishes and scents, you can experience a new sensation of "water-retaining organic beauty" that is wrapped in a pleasant scent without letting the moisture escape.


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