& Honey EX Deep Moist Hair Oil

& Honey EX Deep Moist Hair Oil

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& Honey EX Deep Moist Hair Oil

"EX Deep Moist Hair Oil 3.0" that is super moist
Recommended for those who are particularly concerned about the dryness of the hair tips, those who have hard hair, and those who want to repair it in a super-moist manner.

"Moist Shine Hair Oil 3.0" for a smooth finish on hair
Recommended for those who want a smooth finish, those with soft hair, and those who want gloss.

"& Honey" uses 100% Moroccan organic oil and pursues natural care by sticking to 6 free formulas.
Moisturize more than 90% of the product with honey, royal jelly, propolis, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, etc. in order to achieve a high water content of "14%", which exceeds the conventional wisdom (12%) of shampoos. A hair care brand created with protective ingredients.


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