Ihada Medicated Clear Balm

Ihada Medicated Clear Balm

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Ihada Medicated Clear Balm

This product is a medicated formulation that suppresses melanin production, thereby preventing wrinkles and age spots as well as acne and chapped skin that tend to turn red. Sinks easily into your skin with smooth coverage and is easily applied with a non-sticky feel. It is a hydrating beauty cream that can be used year-round. It is a hypoallergenic formulation that can be used every day, even for those with sensitive skin.

Highly purified Vaseline* formulation
The skin is protected from external irritation
such as dryness, with a skin hydrating barrier.
Highly purified Vaseline with all impurities removed
Ihada Skin Care products contain highly purified Vaseline, with all impurities removed using special technology.
*Skin hydrating barrier ingredient
Protective barrier formed by the Balm with highly purified Vaseline

A protective moisture barrier is immediately formed, protecting the skin from external irritation such as dryness, suppressing evaporation of moisture and maintaining moist skin (a moist environment).

The active ingredients prevent acne and chapped skin
that tends to turn red, as well as wrinkles and age spots.
Active ingredient against chapped skin. Dipotassium glycyrrhizate
The active ingredient against chapped skin prevents skin problems such as chapped skin and acne.

Active whitening ingredient. m-tranexamic acid*
The active whitening ingredient suppresses the product of melanin, and prevents wrinkles and age spots.
*tranexamic acid

Sinks effortlessly into the skin with
good coverage, and a hydrating, light product feel

A soft and airy feel without the stickiness. Is easily applied onto the skin with a hydrating feel, staying in place even on chapped skin.
Reason 4
Hypoallergenic formulation
that can be used every day,
even by those with sensitive skin

✓Fragrance-free ✓Color-free ✓No added alcohol (ethanol) ✓No parabens (preservative) ✓Carefully selected ingredients