Ihada Prescreed i

Ihada Prescreed i

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Item description

Ihada Prescreed i

For itching on the face and neck
Irritation Redness
A treatment drug in cream form

Dermatitis, eczema, itching, irritation, inflammation, heat rash, diaper rash

This is a non-steroidal treatment drug with anti-itching ingredients. This cream does not leave a sheen around the eyes. With a tapered tube, it is easy to squeeze out small amounts.

Three active ingredients

1 Ufenamate
Calms inflammation
2 Glycyrrhizic acid
Calms inflammation
3 Diphenhydramine
To suppress itchiness

Non-steroidal, fragrance/color-free skin-friendly hypoallergenic formulation. This product can be used around the eyes.