Ihada Acne Cure Cream 26g

Ihada Acne Cure Cream 26g

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Item description

Ihada Acne Cure Cream

For acne/breakouts
A treatment drug in gel cream form


The two anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial active ingredients effectively treat acne/breakouts. A fresh feel, perfect for adult acne.

Two active ingredients
1 Ibuprofen piconol
Calms acne inflammation
2 Isopropyl methylphenol
Kills acne-causing bacteria

Non-steroidal, mild acidity equivalent to human skin, alcohol-free formulation with a skin-friendly base.

A fresh feel perfect
for adult acne.
This gel cream turns clear as it is applied, and with smooth coverage it is designed to be gentle on affected areas. Oil content has been kept to a minimum, so the product has a fresh feel. Your make-up won’t smudge or come off. Fresh green tea fragrance with a medicinal feel.

Small tube opening for just the right amount
A small tube opening to easily squeeze out a small amount of cream for the affected area. Designed to prevent contamination of the opening, it is hygienic and convenient.