Ihada Aller Screen Gel EX

Ihada Aller Screen Gel EX

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Item description

Ihada Aller Screen Gel EX

Block pollen/viruses/PM 2.5 particulates
A gel to block pollen adhesion etc.

This transparent veil formulated with a patented ingredient and a new blocking ingredient, suppresses the adhesion of fine particles of pollen to the skin. Just a small application of gel suppresses the adhesion of pollen, PM2.5 particulates and viruses around the nose and eyes.
*The product does not completely prevent the penetration of pollen, PM2.5 particulates and viruses.
*In addition to using this product, greater efficacy can be obtained with measures such as handwashing and gargling.

Patented ‘Particle absorption prevention technology’
suppresses adhesion of pollen etc. with a transparent ion veil
Patented transparent ion veil: Patent No. 4562585 (Patent on pollen absorption protection agent)
Ingredients utilizing Shiseido’s patented ‘Particle absorption prevention technology’ blocks pollen and PM2.5 particulates. Aller Screen EX also blocks some viruses!

As a milky white gel, applied areas are easy to see,
but it becomes clear as it is rubbed in.
It is a milky white gel that becomes clear as it is rubbed in. Applied areas are easy to see and with a hydrating feel, it can also be used around the eyes.
*With first use, clear liquid may come out, but this does not affect the product’s quality.

Formulated with natural essential oils!
Special product features
Essential oil formulation: Pure orange fragrance, Eucalyptus/mint fragrance

✓Formulated with natural essential oils ✓Family friendly (ages 6 and over) ✓Skin allergy tested ✓Preservative (paraben) free
*Skin irritation or allergies may still occur in some people