Cutura N Milky Lotion RN

Cutura N Milky Lotion RN

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Cutura N Milky Lotion RN


Creamy Lotion

Your skin dries out and roughens with the changes of your skin and body...
If you have this kind of skin, then this is for you!

The EF-01 lactobacillus (*1) penetrates dry skin right down to your pores.
A creamy skin lotion for soft skin.
After applying face lotion, lactobacillus*1 ingredients penetrate to your pores for skin that's moisturized and soft to the touch. It moistens and softens your skin to perfection.
Also contains whey extract (*2) and bifida ferment lysate (*3) that support your skin along with EF-01 lactobacillus (*1). The three ingredients work together to give you more vivacious skin!
■Whey extract*2
A moisturizing ingredient derived from whey on the top layer of yogurt. It gives plumpness and moisture to dry and tired skin.
■Bifida ferment lysate
A moisturizing ingredient that supports the environment of your skin. It brings dry and stiff skin to liveliness and softness.