Lumina Skin Glow Serum Mask

Lumina Skin Glow Serum Mask

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Lumina Skin Glow Serum Mask
3 Sheets

A new brand under BCL company~
A luxurious mask that uses a bio-cellulose sheet that adheres to the skin so that it sticks to the skin. For radiant glowing skin.

The bio-cellulose sheet made by fermenting natural coconut juice has a three-dimensional ultra-fine network structure with ultrafine fibers that are about 1/200 of the conventional sheet.
Contains a lot of beauty essence, does not dry even after long-term use, and allows beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.

17 kinds of amino acids / 8 kinds of hyaluronic acid / 5 kinds of ceramide / royal jelly / propolis / trehalose / xylitol / glucose / honey


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