Vinegarden Water Treatment

Vinegarden Water Treatment

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Item description

Vinegarden Water Treatment

A new brand under BCL company~

Smooth hair with vinegar and fruits
Zero waiting time
Water treatment

Penetration type micro silk combination
The micro silk component quickly penetrates into every corner of the hair.
Repairs damaged hair from the core in a short time

Contains vinegar + honey repair vinegar
It adheres the cuticle that has been opened and keeps the repair ingredients and moisture inside the hair.

Contains heat care ingredients
Protects from heat from dryers, etc., and gives a smooth feel.

10 free formulas for hair and scalp

Silicon, sulfate, paraben, TEA, benzophenone, benzyl alcohol, colorant, talc, mineral oil, synthetic antioxidant

Contains 6 types of botanical ingredients

Apple fruit extract / Seiyoumi cherry fruit extract / Centifolia rose flower extract / Tsubaki flower extract / Strawberry fruit extract / Canina rose fruit extract (all moisturized)

Sweet fig scent
Gives a neat impression with a refreshing sweetness.


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