Oshima Tsubaki

Oshima Tsubaki

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Oshima Tsubaki

100% Camellia Oil / Multi-purpose Oil
A multi-purpose oil for hair, scalp and skin. OSHIMA TSUBAKI is a fragrance- and colorant-free all-natural, plant-based oil. It is 100% natural camellia oil made only from camellia oil that meets OSHIMA TSUBAKI’s high standards. It contains an abundance of triolein, which is also a component of human sebum. This makes it gentle to the skin, blending naturally on hair and skin. Original refinement technology removes scent and stickiness. As the oil is also not easily oxidized, it allows pleasant use to the very last drop.


100% Camellia oil(Moisturizing, softening and protective agent)


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