Cutura N Serum Mask

Cutura N Serum Mask

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Cutura N Serum Mask

5 sheets

Perfect for skin prone to drying and cracking!
Through the power of lactic acid bacteria serum, this face mask will enliven your skin to make it plump and moist.

The "lactic acid bacteria serum," which is made from EF-01 lactic acid bacteria*1, whey extract*2, and Bifidobacterium extract*3, seeps into your pores to moisturize skin prone to drying and cracking. Achieve soft skin by caring for your pores and preventing cracking!

●Designed with consideration to sensitive skin... Allergy test*4 and patch test*5 conducted with no added scents or dyes, no parabens, no alcohol and no mineral oils.

<How to Use>Use this product on clean, freshly-washed skin.
Adjust the mask onto your face so that it fits around your eye, mouth, and nostril area. Leave it on for about 10 minutes.
Massage the remaining treatment into your skin using your palms. Continue with your normal skincare routine using milky lotion, cream, etc.