Wafood Made AZ Scrub

Wafood Made AZ Scrub

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Wafood Made AZ Scrub

Azuki Scrub


Soft azuki bean skin*1 for your own soft skin!
Achieve high-quality pore care massage at your own home with this scrub.
Contains Shumari azuki grown in Hokkaido. This scrub is formed from the skins left over from the koshian (strained bean paste) making process. It also contains glucomannan, a natural ingredient derived from konnyaku potatoes. Massaging the scrub thoroughly on your face gently cleanses aged pores and comes off easily, leaving you with soft and moisturized skin. We've also used polyphenols*2 and saponin (a plant-based face washing ingredient) to support soft and supple skin.

<How to Use>After washing your face, remove moisture lightly with a towel. Put a cherry-sized amount of scrub into your hand and massage onto your face, avoiding the mouth and eye areas. Wash off thoroughly with cold or warm water. Recommended use: 2-3 times per week.