IBERIS PMEL Mousse eye shadow

IBERIS PMEL Mousse eye shadow

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Item description

Mousse eye shadow

An ultra-adherent mousse eyeshadow that looks effortless, vibrant, and dewy
Create effortless, vibrant color with the “hidden beige design” that blends into your skin!
Glow pearls and gloss oils* combine to give you dewy-looking eyes.
This mousse-type texture prevents glitter from flying and holds to your lashes beautifully for hours on end.

Coral Pink for a healthy and feminine look

●Eyelid beauty care moisturizing ingredient…Sodium hyaluronate, honey, ceramide 2, and squalane

<How to Use>
STEP1: Apply over your eyelid to the crease with the included tip.
STEP2: Use your finger to blend in a zigzag motion on your upper lid towards your eyeball for an easy gradation! You can tap it into your lower eyelid to make your eyes shine even more.

*Dimer dilinoleyl dimer dilinoleate (emollient)