Rosette Pineapple Face Wash

Rosette Pineapple Face Wash

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Rosette Pineapple Face Wash

Cleans and minimizes the pores with sea mud and removes dead skin cells and dirt on the pores.

Uses plant-derived cleansing ingredients that are gentle on the skin. Rose fruit extract tightens the skin.

Color-free, mineral oil-free.

Water (purified water), K myristate (vegetable soap), stearic acid (skin protectant), glycerin (moisturizer), K stearate (vegetable soap), DPG (moisturizer), Al sulfur-containing silicate (Sea mud: Cleaner), K laurate (vegetable soap), Lauramide propyl betaine (vegetable cleaning agent), Talk (feel improving agent), Kaolin (feel improving agent), Trehalose octenyl succinate (cleaning agent) Neubara fruit extract (rose fruit extract: moisturizer), glycyrrhetinic acid (skin conditioning agent), ethanol (cleaning ingredient), fragrance


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