DECORTÉ Eye Glow Gem

DECORTÉ Eye Glow Gem

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Item description

DECORTÉ Eye Glow Gem

Create gradations of glowing radiance with just a fingertip. Wet-look glossy eyeshadows that make eyes pop.

Contains Skin Fit Oil
This lets the shadows glide on lighter and smoother, helping create a rich "wet-look" gloss finish. Layering the eyeshadows give them an even more beautiful finish.

Choose from 20 colors to perfectly match any mood or occasion
Choose from 5 accent colors, 6 medium colors, 7 highlight colors, and 2 glitter colors, for a total of 20 different colors. Enjoy combining different colors and glow effects.

Extreme definition with "fluid glow"
Contrast of color and lustre emerge when viewed from different angles, creating a beautiful finish that appears like a gradation of glow. Multiple layers create deeper shadow, letting you craft a look with sculpted definition.

Strong adhesion provides longer staying power
Colors seal to lids firmly, for a beautiful and long-lasting finish that doesn't dull or smudge.