Haba Rose Squalane

Haba Rose Squalane

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Haba Rose Squalane

A rare damask rose natural essential oil is added to the high-grade "Squalane" with a purity of 99.9% that protects the skin's moisture and barrier function with just one drop. Every time you use it, you can enjoy the elegant feeling of being wrapped in freshly picked flowers. For when you want to change your mood or relax before going to bed.

HABA Squalane represents HABA’s “non-additive” philosophy.
It is a dry and smooth beauty oil that is gentle to the skin. Protects and replenishes skin damaged by dryness, irritation, and UV exposure.

Squalane is a natural, safe, stable, colorless and odorless oil with superior skin-penetrating power.

1. Epidermal Renewal Function: Prevents dead skin cells from hardening, softens skin, and allows dead skin to be removed smoothly.
2. Skin Respiration Function: Promotes cutaneous respiration to activate skin metabolism
3. Sebum Emulsifying Function: Blends with sebum on the skin surface and can be rinsed with water to naturally cleanse the skin.
4. Vehicle Effect: Squalane helps ingredients in other products (e.g., HABA G-Lotion) to better penetrate the skin.
5. Softening Effect: Naturally softens skin and makes it supple.
6. Stable and Hardy: Does not break down, deteriorate, or oxidize, even under high temperatures

SQUALANE is the only oil that remains liquid while saturated (e.g. vegetable oil becomes margarine when saturated; animal oils become lard when saturated; other common oils solidify when saturated).