Jill Stuart Everyday Bright UV Protector Tone up Lavender White Floral

Jill Stuart Everyday Bright UV Protector Tone up Lavender White Floral

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Item description

Everyday Bright UV Protector Tone up Lavender White Floral

Light and silky lavender color for a translucent look.
A gel-type sunscreen that protects the skin against UV rays and the external environment*1 by enveloping the skin in a veil of moisture.
Product features:
・The lavender color combats dullness to create a beautiful, translucent skin tone. Bright lavender pearl, which beautifully enriches the skin's glow, and gold pearl, which makes light always work in your favor, come together in an exquisite blend to achieve photogenic skin.
・This gel-type sunscreen envelops the skin in a light veil filled with moisture, leaving skin looking fresh, glowing and bright from the moment of application.
Its formula ensures protection against UV rays of course, but also dust and dirt in the air and prevents sun spots and freckles caused by sunburn.
・Contains Ever Bright Powder, which naturally brightens skin to match one's overall skin tone.
・Contains Sweat and Sebum Absorbing Powder*2 and Smoothing Powder*3 to keep skin beautiful and feeling smooth and fresh, even on the stickiest days.
・Can also be used as a makeup base.
・Non-comedogenic tested. Not everyone is immune to comedones (a source of acne).
・Paraben free.
・White floral fragrance.
*1 Protects skin from fine dust and dirt particles floating in the air.
*2 Sweat and Sebum Absorbing Powder is mica silica.
*3 Smoothing Powder is a vinyldimethicone/methicone silsesquioxane

Beauty essences:
・Moisturizers: Madonna lily extract, peach extract, raspberry extract, blackcurrant extract, avocado extract, virgin coconut oil, cacao butter, glycerin
Madonna lily extract is Lilium Candidum Bulb Extract, peach extract is Prunus Persica Juice, raspberry extract is Rubus Idaeus Fruit Extract, blackcurrant extract is Ribes Nigrum Fruit Extract, virgin coconut oil is palm oil.
・Complexion toning: Ever Bright Powder
Ever Bright Powder is titanium oxide and mica.
・Contains Bright Lavender Pearl
Bright Lavender Pearl is titanium oxide and mica.