Allie Color Tuning UV 02 SPF50+ PA++++

Allie Color Tuning UV 02 SPF50+ PA++++

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Item description

Allie Color Tuning UV 02 SPF50+ PA++++
Sunny Apricot

A mild sunscreen gel with high SPF50+ PA++++ value, giving your skin with color correction finish.


1. Super Waterproof
- high resistance to water, sweat & sebum

2. Skin Color Correction
- apricot color correction effect helps cover dark eye circles and pores, giving you bright and fresh skin complexion with healthy glow

3. Skincare Benefits
- it contains moisture-rich hyaluronic acid for skin nourishment

4. Friction Proof
- with performance more resistant to "friction" and not easy to fall off

5. Mild Formula
- designed for sensitive skin*. No fragrance. Paraben (preservative) free.

6. Easy Cleansing
- easily removed by cleanser and body soap in most cases. For face use.

7. With apricot and osmanthus fragrant floral scent