Canmake Bright Veil Pure Base

Canmake Bright Veil Pure Base

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Item description

Canmake Bright Veil Pure Base
SPF40 PA++++

A serum-inspired plumping moisturizing base for lustrous,
velvety-smooth skin

Lustrous, velvety-smooth finish
●The cream formula spreads smoothly and evenly, giving skin a lustrous, velvety finish.
●Enhances translucence to naturally adjust your complexion.
●Brings out skin’s luster, while creating a non-greasy finish.

Covers dullness and uneven color

Makes pores less noticeable

Enhances the fit and staying power of your make-up
●Provides a base layer that helps your foundation and face powder to sit better and last longer.

Formulation designed with your skin in mind
●Can be removed with soap or face wash when used without other make-up products.
●Non-pearl formula.
●Free from ultraviolet absorbers, parabens, alcohol, and fragrance

Contains 27 types of beautifying agents
●Protects skin from dryness, keeping it beautifully supple.

[01] Pure White Limited Colors
A white that brightens your skin tone without looking artificially powdery.

[02] Pink Beige Limited Colors
A pink that enhances your complexion.


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