Rosette Yumemiru Cleansing Balm Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture

Rosette Yumemiru Cleansing Balm Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture

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Rosette Yumemiru Cleansing Balm Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture

Every day, the sensation of melting provides you with blissful care time.

It is gentle on the skin and reduces the appearance of dry spots and small wrinkles.
"Dreaming Balm Red Mud Wrinkle Moisture" A gentle pore-minimizing cleansing balm with a relaxing herbal citrus scent that has 5 functions, pore care, moisturizing care, keratin care, massage balm, and makeup remover.
It melts and reduces friction on your skin as you massage it. It gently cleanses and exfoliates and is okay to be used on eyelash extension.
This balm can be used on all skincare types as it is Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free, ethanol-free, synthetic polymer-free, sulfate-free, synthetic colorant-f

This multi-functional cleansing balm is formulated with special beauty ingredients such as clay (red mud x 3), which conceals small wrinkles when you apply and remove your makeup while leaving your skin soft and smooth,

Corn germ oil (skin protectant), ethylhexyl palmitate (skin protectant), tri (capric acid / capric acid) glyceryl (skin protectant), isopropyl myristate (skin protectant), polyglyceryl dioleate- 10 (make-up remover), polyethylene (hardness adjuster), polyglyceryl dicaprate-6 (make-up remover), polyglyceryl oleate-2 (make-up remover), 1,2-hexanediol (moisturizer), kaolin ( Cleansing agent), canina rose fruit oil (skin protection agent), pomegranate seed oil (skin protection agent), hypofaerum noides fruit oil (skin protection agent), strawberry fruit extract (moisturizer), pomegranate fruit extract (skin protection agent) Moisturizer), Tomato Fruit Extract (Moisturizer), Hematococcus Pruviaris Oil (Skin Protective Agent), Hydrolyzed Na Hyaluronate (Moisturizer), Hydroxypropyltrimonium Hyaluronate (Moisturizer), Ceramide NG (Skin) Protective agent), ceramide NP (protective agent for skin), ceramide AP (protective agent for skin), jojoba seed oil (protective agent for skin), squalane (protective agent for skin), protease (protective agent for skin), water (Purified water), hydrogenated lecithin (skin conditioning agent), phytosterols (skin protection agent), glycerin (moisturizer), cyclopentasiloxane (skin protection agent), BG (moisturizer), dimethicone (skin protection) Protective agent), Al hydroxide (surface treatment agent), stearoyl glutamate 2Na (dispersant), lauroyl lycerin (feel improver), iron oxide (colorant), fragrance (fragrance component)


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