Dual Essence Camellia

Dual Essence Camellia

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Dual Essence Camellia 100ml

Dual Essence Camellia is a moisturizing & energizing dual-type essence that combines the light & soft texture of Camellia Water with Oil. This toner essence & mist is highly effective in strengthening the skin from within, hydrating the skin optimally & finding the perfect balance of oil & water.

It’s highly rich in nourishing oils such as Green Tea Seed, Camellia Seed & Rosehip Oil to moisturize & restore skin vitality.

Dual Essence Camellia works with a double-acting formula that blends Camellia Flower Water & Camellia Seed Oil with an optimal ratio of 75:25. This Dual Essence has an ideal texture with fine mist particles that spreads evenly, delivering a refreshing feeling & moisture without stickiness.


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