Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder Abloom

Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder Abloom

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Marshmallow Finish Powder ~Abloom~

3rd place in Plaza's The Best Hit Cosmetics 2022

Brightens your complexion and keeps make-up looking fresh for hours.
Face powder for luminous, marshmallow-soft skin.

Long-lasting translucent, marshmallow-soft skin.
●Matte, marshmallow-soft finish.
●A single application to areas needing a luminosity boost provides long-lasting translucence.
●Blurs unevenness and conceals pores, giving skin a finely textured finish.

5 shades designed for a complexion-correcting effect.
●Corrects uneven color to leave your complexion looking brighter for hours.

Resistant to sweat and sebum, for superb staying power.
●Contains sebum-adsorbing powder to prevent the oils in your skin from causing your make-up to run  (enhances shine resistance).

Contains 15 types of beautifying ingredients.
●Prevents skin from becoming rough, providing long-lasting protection against dryness.

Contains natural mineral ingredients—washes off with your usual face wash!
●No need to use a specialist cleanser to remove it. Your usual face wash is just fine. *When used without other make-up products.


[01]Dearest Bouquet
5 color-correcting shades that provide a well-balanced brightening effect.

[02]Sakura Tulle
Enhance rosy luminosity with soft pink-toned shades


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