Unlabel Lab Vitamin C Essence

Unlabel Lab Vitamin C Essence

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Unlabel Lab Vitamin C Essence

4th place in Plaza's The Best Hit Cosmetics 2022

Unlabel LAB uses proprietary ultra-high pressure technology to create functional concentrated beauty fluids with professional effects.

Vitamin C essence can improve pores and dullness. Vitamin C is a multi-functional beauty ingredient that has many functions such as inhibiting sun spots and pigmentation, but its weakness is that it has low permeability to the skin and is easily oxidized, so stability is essential.

Unlabel LAB focuses on ultra-high pressure penetration of vitamin C, which is 200% higher than the traditional vitamin C absorption rate. It penetrates into the skin and stays in the stratum corneum for about 48 hours, maintaining multiple functions such as brightening and anti-aging. Unlabel LAB focuses on a high concentration of 15%.

Recommended for those concerned with

-Enlarged pores
-Dull skin
-Skin texture


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