Canmake Munyutto Highlighter LIMITED

Canmake Munyutto Highlighter LIMITED

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Item description

Canmake Munyutto Highlighter LIMITED

Resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing!
A fresh highlighter offering hydration and luster.

Squishy texture like raw cookie dough
● Squishy, fresh, and springy, this highlighter feels dewy on the skin.
● Packed with powder that creates a rolling effect for ease of blending, it also contains silicone gel for a lightweight feel and silky finish after application.

Bursting with a moist sheen
● With a dewy sheen that seems to come bursting out from within, this highlighter creates the effect of burnished, translucently lustrous skin.
● Long-lasting luster.

Fabulous definition
● Blends in well with your skin, while giving your face definition.
● Apply to the bridge of your nose to make your nose look more prominent.

Resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing
● Silicone gel and wax-based ingredients cling tightly to your skin.
Formulated to be resistant to water, sweat, sebum, and rubbing.
● Won’t wear off easily, even when applied over foundation.
● Stays in place for hours and maintains a flawless finish even when another layer is applied.


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