Canmake Eyecolor Magician LIMITED

Canmake Eyecolor Magician LIMITED

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Canmake Eyecolor Magician LIMITED

Run- and crease-resistant
Liquid eyeshadow with a silky finish

Offers a silky finish despite the liquid format
● The water-based formula of this hybrid eyeshadow goes on with a velvety, luscious texture, but gradually turns silky as you blend it.
● Formulated to combat the unevenness of color.

Run- and crease-resistant!
● Run-resistant formula clings to your eyelid as you blend it and minimizes glitter fallout.
● This non-greasy, silky-smooth, crease-resistant shadow won’t build up in the fold of your eyelid, ensuring the beautiful finish lasts for hours.

Opulent radiance unique to a liquid eyeshadow
● This kind of pearl-rich formula is hard to achieve with a powder eyeshadow.
Packed with multicolored pearl and glitter for an intricate shimmer.
● The pearl and glitter colors used in each shade differ, allowing you to enjoy a variety of different scintillating effects.

2-free formulation
● Paraben-free
● Mineral oil-free

Every container is unique
● The marbled pattern of the cap is produced by a kneading process that results in a different pattern each time, so each cap is the only one of its kind in the world.
Now you can feel special, knowing nobody else has exactly the same container as you.

[01] A versatile reddish-brown.
[02] A delicate pale pink.
[03] A seductive burgundy
[04] A pinkish-beige that blends in well with your skin.


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