Canmake Lash Frame Mascara

Canmake Lash Frame Mascara

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Item description

Canmake Lash Frame Mascara

A mascara that does your eyeliner for you?!
The only mascara you need for fabulously bold eyes ♥

The secret of the eyeliner effect
● This mascara gives your eyes added impact by coating the roots of your lashes. Giving the lashline a thorough coating of mascara makes the roots cluster together, so they seem to be joined by a dense, unbroken black line that looks just like eyeliner.

Ensures a wide-eyed look without making the eyelid fold narrower!
● Unlike eyeliner, which you apply along the edge of the eyelid, this creates an eyeline effect at the waterline, ensuring your eyes look wider without making the eyelid fold narrower.
● Outlining your eyes with eyeliner tends to make them look narrower if you have single or deep-set double eyelids. But you don't need to worry about that with this product, because it just emphasizes the natural line of the eye ♪

Fiber-free lengthening mascara
● We've left out the fibers, to ensure that the mascara smoothly and thoroughly coats your lashes from the roots. But it still has a lengthening effect, for beautifully enhanced lashes ♥

Ultra-fine brush specially designed to coat the roots, too
● This ultra-fine brush makes it easy to target the roots of your lashes with pinpoint accuracy. But it won't get mascara on your lids or around your eyes, making it simple for everyone to get stunning lashes.
● While the brush is slim and compact, the clustering effect provides the ideal amount of volume. Plus, it offers tremendous maneuverability, making it simple to apply mascara to the tricky lower lashes, as well.


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