Otasuke Cosme Massage Stick Base

Otasuke Cosme Massage Stick Base

Price: US$20.00


Item description

OTASUKE COSME Base Massage Stick OC

For your makeup on mornings when your face feels swollen!
Stick type makeup base that stays clean from its application in the morning until night.
As it is more of a solid stick-type base makeup, you can massage it on while applying your makeup!
The exquisite curve made by the two bumps fits your face line and cheekbones, making it less likely to be uneven and fits your skin perfectly!
You can get a sharp and clean face line* in a short time.

●Waterproof formula that works against sweat and water
●Lavender pink color that gives a bright impression

<How to Use>
After washing your face and preparing your skin with lotion, pull out a few millimeters of the stick and massage it along the face line while moving outward from the center of your face.
* Higher skin tone with cosmetic effects