Pmeltête Dual Metallic Eye Shadow

Pmeltête Dual Metallic Eye Shadow

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Item description

Pmeltête Dual Metallic Eye Shadow

Give yourself a trendy, colorful, metallic glow that sets you apart from the rest!
This dual eye shadow combines a moisturizing metal pearl liquid with a bright and colorful color stick for quality contrast.

It will give you not just a moisturized and vivacious look, but also a bright look that lasts long.

Comes in a popular nude beige color that looks effortless.

<How to Use>
STEP1: Liquid shadow
Apply liquid over your eyelid and tap lightly with your fingers to blend.
STEP2: Stick shadow
Apply the stick shadow to the edge of your eye and in your eyelid crease. You can use your fingers to blend to the coverage of your choice.

Recommendations! Try these application techniques!
・Apply the stick shadow in a thin line around the edge of your eye to create a colored eye liner
・Use only the liquid eye shadow for a simple, one-tone look
・Apply the liquid eye shadow under your lower lid to create a more prominent lower lash line around your eye bags